MWFP: 2046 Episode 1| STARTUP

In the year 2046, Australia is part of a new world. Humanity is for the privileged, but people are free to love who they want. Controversy is silenced. Technology determines everybody’s future. Lily has just woken up.

MWFP: 2046 Episode 2 | LINK

There has been a break-in at the complex. Lily is learning at an accelerated rate and starting to make connections to those around her. Caroline tackles with emotions she doesn't understand.

MWFP: 2046 Episode 3 | CONNECT

Caroline meets with someone she would rather forget about. As Lily works on festival infrastructure with Harrison, Caroline faces and impossible decision.

MWFP: 2046 Episode 4 | GLITCH

Lily wakes with a new sense of being but wanting to seek the truth from Steinar. Meanwhile, Caroline fights with her inner demons.